Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Pigman Webquest: New York Maps


The Pigman, takes place in New York. Home of Broadway hits, the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty.

You will have an opportunity to get acquainted with this famous city.

The Task

On the maps of New York City, locate the boroughs of New York, specifically Staten Island and Manhattan.

At the end of the story, you will trace the adventures of John, Lorraine and Mr. Pignatti as they travel through the story.

Visit the maps of New York and familiarize yourself with the city.

The Process: Exploring the Web, Creating a Product
You will create a map of New York, include the boroughs of Staten Island.

As you read the story put X's to mark any of the famous or major places the characters visit.

By the end of the story you should be able to trace the characters steps as they travel through New York.

You will need a piece of white paper, and some marking pens or crayons.

Visit these sites:

1. Draw an outline of Manhattan. YOU ONLY NEED TO LABEL THE FOLLOWING PARTS.

-The Statue of Liberty
-Central Park
-Upper Westside
-Upper Eastside
-Financial District
-Theater District
-Greenwich Village
-East Village
-West Village

2. Draw an outline of Staten Island. YOU ONLY NEED TO LABEL THE FOLLOWING PARTS.

-Clove Lakes Park
-Silver Lake Park
-Conference House park
-La Tourette Park
-Fresh Kills Park
-Clay Pit Ponds park

3. Decide where each of the characters might live in Staten Island, and put an X for each of their homes.

Label The Staten Island Zoo by putting an X on or near Clove Lakes Park.

How Will You Be Graded

Map is accurate
Character’s houses are indicated
The Staten Island Zoo is indicated
Map is neat and labeled

I'm Done!

Now, re-visit the link you used to draw the map of Manhattan and Staten Island.

Click on Staten Island on the side of the webpage.

Scroll down until you see "Staten Island Zoo".

This is the Zoo the Lorraine and John visited with Mr. Pignati

Pretend you are a vister to the zoo.

Write journal entry about you visit to the zoo.

Date your journal entry (Come up with an imaginary date.)

In TWO paragraphs (10 sentences), describe your visit to the zoo.
-What animals did you see there?
-Describe the animals

There is an example for you to follow below:

March 17 2004

Today I visted the Staten Island zoo. There were many intersting animals there. Some of the animals I saw were...